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MVE has a unique integrated team approach where Land Planning and Engineering staff look at a site's potential and constraints in order to design unique, cost effective plans and development strategies. Our Land Planners have a complete library containing city and county research materials that are tracked daily providing them with comprehensive and timely marketplace data. We have extensive experience in creating and amending general plan, specific plan and master plan documents. We offer expertise in entitlement research, feasibility studies, data analysis and creation of color exhibits for all your land development projects.

Elements of Land Planning include, 
but aren't limited to:

  • Preliminary Engineering and Feasibility Analysis

  • Conceptual Land Planning

  • Specific Plan Infrastructure Studies

  • Preliminary and Final Development Plans

  • Tentative Maps

  • Entitlement Processing



  • Site Investigation Reports

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Preliminary Infrastructure

  • General Plan Amendments

  • Rezone Applications

  • Conditional Use Permits

  • Indirect Source Review

  • Layouts and Site Plans

  • Preliminary Architecture

  • Preliminary Landscape

  • Processing Entitlement Application

  • Public Hearings

  • Presentation Materials 

  • Due-diligence reports/pre-purchase evaluations

  • Land-use density studies

  • Land offering packages (print & Web)

  • Community meetings & public relations

  • Municipal workshop coordination

  • Government & public presentations

  • Entitlement processing

  • Preliminary engineering & feasibility analysis

  • Specific plan infrastructure studies

  • Tentative maps

  • Project marketing


Get your project done right with an experienced full-service team.

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