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Sacramento Light Rail Modernization, Sacramento to Folsom


Aldridge Group

The Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) is modernizing its light rail system to make future travel easier, safer, and more convenient for riders.

SacRT’s light rail line, first opened in 1987, is aging. Train cars are reaching the end of their useful life, and stations need to be updated. Currently, stations allow ADA access only for the front train car, and all other passengers must climb stairs to board the trains.

The multi-pronged improvement program includes several major highlights. SacRT will purchase a new fleet of low-floor trains that allow passengers to enter directly at nearly floor level. Passengers using mobility devices can board the train using a passenger-deployed bridge plate and ramp assembly. Additionally, light rail station platforms will be reconfigured sequentially over time to accommodate the new low-floor trains. Furthermore, a passing track will be added to operate 15-minute service between Sunrise and Historic Folsom stations, instead of the existing 30-minute service.

MVE will provide construction staking and as-built topographic surveying services for the project. Construction is scheduled to take place from 2023 to 2027.


Sacramento County, CA


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