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Creekside Terrace


We are at the grand opening of Creekside Terrace in Mariposa. Our commitment to provide Self-Help Enterprises with professional services for this affordable rental community began from day one. Featuring energy-efficient units with one-, two-, and three-bedroom options, and a centrally located community center, the complex will foster a lively and safe learning environment for its residents. Residents have access to a computer lab and a meeting area where they can participate in various social activities and enrichment programs.

Among them are exercise classes, wellness programs, and after-school programs for children. Throughout Creekside Terrace, solar PV energy systems provide electricity for residents to use in common areas, such as the laundry room. Additionally, there is a spacious outdoor area with picnic tables and BBQ grills.

To obtain rental information about Creekside Terrace, please visit Self-Help Enterprises at


Mariposa, CA


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